Adult Indoor Coed 6s Rules

I. Players and Substitutions

1A. All players must complete registration, which includes filling out a league waiver and having a current membership, to be eligible to play.

1B. Roster limit is 8 (extra players may be added for additional fee).

1C. Team requirement - A team consists of 6 players, but may start with a minimum 4 players. A team must have at least two women on the court at all times. Teams may play with 1 female, but can then only play with 5 total players. A team cannot play without any females. There is no maximum number of females that can be on the court.

1D. In order to receive a forfeit win, a team must have its 6 (or minimum of 4 with 1 female) players on the court.

- if neither team can field a team, it is a double forfeit

1E. It is highly recommended that players NOT wear jewelry (i.e. chains, rings and earrings).

1F. Players must wear athletic shoes.


II. Rosters

2A.. All roster additions must be approved by AZ Wild Volleyball Club before the 4th week of the season.

2B. No roster additions/changes will be accepted after 4th week of the season and player changes will

not be accepted due to injury.

2C. A team will forfeit any game in which it is determined that a player has participated who is not listed on the team roster or is not of legal age.


III. Pre-game Preparation


3B. At the beginning of the game, a rock, paper, scissors with the winning team choosing to either (1) select to serve or receive first ball OR (2) which side they want to start on. The team losing takes the remaining choice.


IV. Length of Matches and Games

4A. Best two-out-of-three games decides match winner.

4B. Rally Scoring Format is used for all games.

4C. First two games are to 25; third game is to 15 - must win by 2 in all games, unless cap of 30 is reached in first 2 games, or 18 in the final game..

4D. Each team gets one time out of 30 seconds duration per game.

4E. Intermissions between games will be a maximum of 1-minute.

4F. Teams switch sides and service each game, with another coin toss prior to third game.


V. Hit Characteristics 

5A. The ball may touch any part of the body (kicking IS allowed).

5B. The ball must be hit, not caught or thrown. 
5C. Plays involving finger action - if the play is defensive and reactive in nature, as in the case of a hard-driven ball, momentarily held or double-hit balls are NOT faults. If hitting with the fingers in cases of off-speed hit defense or setting, the action must be clean with no holding or double hitting.


VI. Faults

6A. Four hits - a team hits the ball the ball 4 times before returning it

6B. Assisted hit - taking support of teammate or any structure/object in order to reach the ball

6C. Held ball - player does not hit the ball (unless when in defense of a hard-driven ball or when simultaneous contact by two opponents over the net leads to a momentary held ball)

6D. Double Contact - a player hits the ball twice in succession or the ball touches two different parts of his/her body

6E. Back row spiking or blocking in front of the attack line.


VII. Other Playing Rules

7A. Ball may contact any part of the body during a block.

7B. Blocking does NOT constitute a team contact, and any player may make the second contact of the ball after the block. The blocking team will have 3 contacts after the blocking contact.

7C. Any front row player can block.

7D. Players, including their clothing, cannot touch the net during play. It is NOT a fault if a ball driven into the net causes the net to touch the player.

7E. Players may go completely under the net to play a ball, but may not interfere with an opposing player.

7F. If a serve hits the net and goes over, it is in play. ("let serve rule")

7G. Players may not block or attack-hit a serve when the ball is entirely above the top of the net.

7H. If any foreign object enters the court during play, the ball becomes dead. Replay the point.

7I. The ref and/or site supervisor shall call violations involving unsportsmanlike conduct.

7J. A ball may be played out of the net.

7K. A player may go outside the court to play the ball.

7L. Balls in the rafters are still in play when over a team's own court and falls back into team's own court, provided they still have any hits left to get it across. Balls may NOT be played off of the side walls and/or curtain.


VIII. Substitutions

8A. Teams may utilize a traditional substitution format or a continuous rotation, as long as each player does not occupy more than one position in the service order in a single game.

8B. Rotation order must stay the same throughout the game, but can be changed between games in the same match.

EXCEPTION TO 8A and 8B: Teams may utilize a male-only rotation format when there are only 2 females present. Or the males may sub for each other in the traditional format. Rotating only the females out is not allowed.

8C. Players must start in their rotational positions, but may switch right after the serve.


IX. Miscellaneous

9A. Profanity and unsportsmanlike conduct can result in ejection and/or disqualification from future matches.

9B. Refunds will NOT be issued for ejections or suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct.